The Berkeley Group has had the opportunity to work with a diverse array of nonprofits in the San Francisco Bay Area, varying in size, mission, and reach. Since 2003, we have provided pro bono services to over 150 nonprofit and social sector organizations from a variety of industries.

our services

competitive analysis & feasibility studies

Industry and Market Trend Analysis
Benchmarking Studies
Competitor Strategy


Corporate Sponsorship Strategy
Donor Recruitment Planning
Fundraising Strategy
Capital Campaign Strategy

human resources & organizational development

Workforce Development Models
Volunteer Recruitment Strategies
Membership Retention Strategies
Organizational Restructuring


Target Market Analysis and Expansion
Brand Management and Positioning
Customer Segmentation
Marketing Campaign Development
Product Launch and Development

strategic planning &
business analysis

Business and Organizational Planning
Growth and Service Expansion Strategy
Financial Analysis
Program and Service Delivery Development
New Client Recruitment Planning
Data Collection Analysis

frequently asked questions

What is TBG's project structure?

We undertake 5 projects each semester, each engagement lasting from 10 to 12 weeks. Projects in the spring semester run from January to May, while projects in the fall semester go from September to December.

Each project is staffed with 1 project leader, 4-5 consultants, and 3 project advisers.

How are client-team interactions conducted?

The client and the project leader communicate on a weekly basis to ensure the project’s progress. Meetings occur throughout the project engagement, beginning with at least one mandatory project scoping meeting with the project leader at the onset.

A formal midpoint presentation will be given in Week 5 of the engagement, and the final recommendation will be delivered at a final presentation in Week 10.

What is the project selection criteria?

Community Impact:
TBG Capabilities:
Challenging Proposal:
Time Availability:
Ability to Implement:
TBG selects clients that seek to benefit & serve the greater Bay Area community.
TBG seeks projects that are aligned with our resources, capabilities, and skill sets.
TBG looks for projects that will expand the knowledge of our consultants and clients.
TBG requires consistent communication between the project team and client contact.
TBG requires that the organization is in the Bay Area and is easily accessible to the project team.
TBG's client contact must have the ability to make critical business decisions regarding the implementation of our recommendation.

What resources does TBG have to ensure success?

TThe Berkeley Group has worked successfully with over 150 Bay Area nonprofits, ranging from one-man operations to international organizations. With over a decade of experience, TBG has built a comprehensive database of past projects for current project leaders and consultants to learn from.

Each project also draws upon the experience and expertise of undergraduate project advisers, alumni project advisers, and MBA project advisers from the Haas School of Business.

Additionally, our consultants and project leaders are trained weekly by industry professionals in leading consulting firms, Haas School of Business advisers, MBA candidates, and nonprofit leaders.
The Berkeley Group is a delightful team and a top-notch consulting firm. They understood my organization and the challenges we face, anchored their work in deep research and planning, and were organized and friendly every step of the way. I’d recommend them highly as a partner in strategic communications consulting.
Lindsay Nichols, Communications Director

social impact

The Berkeley Group has made an impact with over 150 nonprofits in the San Francisco Bay Area,
ranging from organizations engaging in corporate social responsibility and philanthropy to environmental sustainability.

For a full list of our past clients, please click here
TBG worked with Rising Sun's social enterprise 'Rising Sun Energy Services' to help formulate a business plan that will provide direction for the program over the next 1-3 years. The team was highly professional and a pleasure to work with; it was a great experience.
Alison Freeman, Deputy Director
Rising Sun Energy Center

application process

Interested in working with us?
Here's how the application process works:

application opens

The client application opens in July and is due on August 17th.
The application can be found here

applications reviewed

The Vice President of Projects will work with the Executive Committee and the Project Leaders to select and contact applicants.

interview process

The purpose of the interview process is to learn more about your organization, to assess its compatibility with TBG, and to narrow the scope of the project.
In-person interviews will be conducted between August 27th and 31st.

selection & engagement

Final projects will be selected by September 2nd. If your organization is selected, TBG will conduct initial scoping sessions and internal data requests.

client application

Apply soon! The Fall 2018 application closes on August 25th.
If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

apply today!