The Berkeley Group provides consulting services for nonprofit organizations and social enterprises throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Who We Are

As a leading on-campus organization, The Berkeley Group provides UC Berkeley students with an opportunity to improve nonprofit impact while growing professionally and personally through hands-on experience on high-value projects.

Our Mission Statement

The Berkeley Group believes that helping social sector organizations with their business challenges is a unique way to create sustainable change in our community. 

We strive to provide the highest quality services to our clients in order to maximize their capacity for social impact.


The Berkeley Group was founded in 2003 by four UC Berkeley students who were inspired by Professor Alan Ross's class "The Social, Political, and Ethical Environment of Business," at the Haas School of Business. They hoped to provide an opportunity for students to grow professionally and personally, as well as contribute to the impact made by the growing social sector. 

Since its founding, The Berkeley Group has assisted over 150 social sector organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Executive Committee


Mia Moore


B.S. Business Administration

B.A. English


Dina Mehta

Internal Vice President

B.A. Political Economy

History Minor


Arushi Desai

Projects Vice President

B.A. Economics

Education Minor


Neeknaz Abari

External Vice President

B.A. Mathematics


Sun Ho Song

Development Vice President
B.S. Business Administration
B.A Statistics